SCASN Members-Only Gateway Page


Effective May 1, 2016

( With the introduction of this new website, a new process to access SCASN private information was necessary resulting in a change of login parameters. Please call Jessica Porter at (803.240.3560) or email her for details to log into and view the 'Members-only' pages in a new locked region of the server. )

The pages below are exclusively reserved for SCASN members. To view the "Members-only" pages (Board News, Affiliate News, and Bylaws), click the page you want to view and then enter the SCASN username and password.

Upon entry of the proper login parameters you will have access to the pages residing in the secure, password-protected region of the webserver.

IMPORTANT! When done viewing a private page, click the back arrow of your browser (or the back button on your smartphone) to return to the public--(but secure)--SCASN website.

Members-only: Board News

Members-only: Affiliate News

Members-only: By-Laws