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Governor McMaster issues School Nurse Day Proclamation.

SCASN nurse leaders invited to #ESSA work session Thursday, May 11, 2017.



2017 SCASN Summer Conference, Myrtle Beach SC.  See our conference page for more details.



School Nurses highlighted in new law

Silver Spring, MD (December 10, 2015) – This week, President Obama signed into law the “Every Student Succeeds Act” or ESSA, just one day after it passed the U.S. Senate. The previous week ESSA was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote. ESSA replaces “No Child Left Behind” which was many years overdue for being reauthorized. ..... (read the entire press release here)


ESSA resources

(ESSA) What Every School Nurse Needs to Know

S.1177 - 114th Congress - Every Student Succeeds Act



New Federal Smart Snack Guidelines went into effect July 2014. Click HERE to read information on the new guidelines.

Here is a snippet of information from the new guidelines: The Smart Snacks in School standards will build on those healthy advancements
and ensure that kids are only offered tasty and nutritious foods during the school day.

Any food sold in schools must:

Foods must also meet several nutrient requirements:

Calorie limits: Snack items < 200 calories, Entre items < 350 calories.
Sodium limits: Snack items < 230 mg, Entre items < 480 mg.
Fat limits: Total fat: < 35% of calories, Saturated fat: <10% of calories, Trans fat: zero grams

Sugar limit: < 35% of weight from total sugars

The nutrition standards also apply to beverages. Middle and high schools may sell up to 12-ounce portions of milk or juice. Elementary schools are limited to 8-ounce portions. All schools may sell plain water without carbonation, unflavored low-fat milk, 100% fruit or vegetable juice with or without carbonation and no added sweeteners.

Any celebrations held during the school day involving the distribution of foods and/or beverages must comply with the revised USDA Smart Snacks in School standards.

The biggest impact for schools will be on their fundraising activities. Any food items sold as a fundraiser must meet the Smart Snacks nutritional requirements. Schools can continue to sell food items that meet the nutrition requirements. Any fundraisers held during non-school hours, on weekends or off-campus are not subject to the more rigorous standards that are imposed during the school day.

As you can see, the guidelines will be challenging for Administrators, Food Service staff and teachers. The benefit is that children will learn healthy options while in school. The Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards are the next step in our efforts to improve the health of America?s young people, but we know there is more work to be done. USDA and our partners are working hard to ensure that all children have access to affordable, nutritious food, so that America?s next generation of leaders grow up healthy and strong.


The following school nurses were honored at the 2014 Palmetto Gold Gala held on Saturday evening, April 12th, at the Columbia Convention Center:

Mary Bebensee, BSN, RN, NCSN  - Charleston County School District

Cheryl Dunn, RN - Charleston County School District

Faith Hostetler, RN, CRRN - Charleston County School District

Sharon Moser, BSN, RN - Charleston County School District

Congratulations to these recipients!


***** News Alert Click here to read the Joint Advisory Opinion on over-the-counter medications in a school setting.******


S.A.V.E- Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine and the Concussion law are both signed into law by Gov. Haley Click here to read the article from The Children's Trust of South Carolina.


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