SCASN Announcement

  • Directions for Accessing SCASN Free CEUs through Lowcountry AHEC

    1.       Go to the Lowcountry AHEC Website:

    2.       Hover over the heading “CPD”

    3.       Click the bottom title in the drop-down box “AHEC Learning Portal.”

    4.       This should take you to the Programs Listing Page

    5.       In the Topics Box pick “Pediatrics”

    6.       All pediatric related topics should list below the search box. This list will include:

    a.       Body Systems: Part 1 (Instructional hours 7.00)

    b.       Body Systems: Part 2 (Instructional hours 7.25)

    c.       Foundations of School Nursing (Instructional hours 12.00)

    d.       Rashes in Skin of Color (instructional time 1.10)

    e.       Rashes in Skin of Color: Part 2 (instructional time 1.25)

    7.       Click on the topic you want, and it will take you to the registration page.

    8.       Register for the class, then check out.

    9.       Your checkout should be successful.

    10.   Click on the Royal Blue Button that says, “Go to my Registration.”

    11.   Click on “In Progress” and your class (es) will be listed.

    12.   On the right side of the box should be a box that says, “Take Pre-Test” or “Go to Course.”