Are you looking for a committee to join?

SCASN encourages all members to participate in their professional organization by serving on a committee.

SCASN committees are always looking for new members. To begin your active service and participation in SCASN, please contact SCASN.

Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Victoria Ladd

Be composed of a chairperson, President- Elect, and at least two other members, one of which is the current State School Nurse Consultant.

Provide and/or participate in programs that promote the professional and personal growth of school nurses.

The chairperson shall serve on the committees of the annual school nurse conferences. 

Data Committee

Be composed of a chairperson and at least two other active members who will work with NASN’s data set. The chairperson will be on the SCASN Executive Board.

The Data Committee will collaborate with the State School Nurse Consultant, DHEC, and/or SCDE to ensure that NASN data points are added to relevant state school nurse data collection tools.

The function of the Data Committee is to identify a minimum nursing data set based on school nursing activities to include key metrics that advance policy, describe national outcome measures, and promote predictive analytics to inform best practice. State and local data collection initiatives should be promoted in addition to NASN data point collection.

Finance Committee

Chair: Karen Lobitz

Be composed of a chairperson, treasurer, and at least two other members.

Study fiscal matters of the organization.

Recommend the dues schedule

Prepare and present a proposed budget, including dues schedule, annually to the executive committee by April 01 of each year.

Be as active as needed in regard to the financial needs of the organization.

Legislation and Professional Standards Committee

Chair: Sharon Bradford

Be composed of a chairperson and at least two other members.

Work to establish relationships to inform the membership of legislation affecting school health services and school nurses.

Monitor and actively participate in the development of legislation relative to school health services, school nursing, as well as the welfare of children.

Review school nursing practice issues and make appropriate recommendations.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Dawn MacAdams

Be composed of a chairperson, immediate past president, and at least two other members.

Nominate at least one candidate for each office to be filled.

Regulate the election, including any preparation for election and counting votes.

Communications Committee

Chair: Melanie Alphin

Be composed of a Chairperson, Secretary, and at least two other members.

Develop a mechanism to keep membership informed that will be sent out to the membership at least twice a year.

Contact standing committee chairpersons for Information that members need to know. Publish information on meeting times and places

Provide public relations for the organization.

Promote membership in the organization.

Perform other such duties as may be assigned by the President.

Ways and Means Committee

Chair: Amy Wood

Be composed of a chairperson and at least two other members.

Be responsible for fund raising.